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Aluminum jig 1/2x28 Fuel Filter titanium modular Car engine 10 inch 9mm solvent traps adapter 5/8x24

titanium solvent trap kit is made of grade 5 and has a unique modular storage cup design. The solvent collector includes a 3-inch long tube, a sealed end cap, 8 storage cups (60 degrees) and a 1/2 x 28 inch or 5/8 x 24 inch threaded adapter. The kit includes an optional 1.1875 -24 TPI adapter that connects to industry standard 1.375-24 TPI pipe threads. It is suitable for those who want to adapt t
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Introducing the Adaptive Solvent Trap Kit , which sports a unique Modular Storage Cup design, and made of Grade-5. This Adaptive Solvent Trap Kit includes either a 1/2 x 28” or 5/8 x 24” Threaded AdaptorSealed End Cap, a 3” Tube Extension, and 8 Modular 60 Degree Storage Cups. This  kit includes an optional Type III Anodized 7075 Aluminum 1-3/16 x 24″ Adapter that attaches to the industry standard 1.375”-24 TPI Tube Thread, which is the same setup included in our Billet 7075 Anodized Aluminum Adaptive Solvent Trap kit.

This setup is for those that want to adapt to various industry muzzle adapters, for purposes such as a quick detach setup to simplify the the connection and disconnection of the solvent trap for quick cleaning! Get this all inclusive adaptive solvent trap today, rather than paying more for less elsewhere. The Den always delivers more for less!

1/2-28 or 5/8-24 Car Fuel Filter For NaPa 4003 WIX 24003 Solvent tap


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    Kit | Adaptive Storage Cups


    Shortest Configuration Weight: 7 oz
    Longest Configuration Weight:  28 oz
    Shortest Length: 3”
    Longest Length: 8.25”
    Connector tube Length: 3''
    Diameter: 1.58''OD, 1.18''ID
    Cups: 8 Grade-5 Modular Storage Cups (60-degrees)
    Build Materials: GR5 (more durable and lighter than Stainless Steel)
    Finish: Polished Grade 5
    Thread Mounts: 5/8×24 or 1/2×28
    Compatible: Industry Standard Tube-Thread, 1.375”-24 TPI


    1/2X28", 5/8X24"


    (1) Sealed End Cap
    (1) 3" Tube Extension
    (1) Threaded End Cap (1/2×28" or 5/8×24")
    (8) Grade 5 Modular Adaptive Storage Cups (60-degrees)
    (1) 1.375 x 24" to 1-3/16 x 24" Adapter (optional)


    Compatible with muzzle devices that have a Thread Pitch of 1.375” x 24" TPI or 1-3/16×24" (With included Booster/Trilug Quick Connect Adapter)


    Not Included, Included